Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going Local

One evening I thought: ' That's it! Freddie's gotta try some real Dutch food' and not pancakes which are an easy option (I don't actually think I know anyone who doesn't like pancakes). I'm talking about hard core stamppot with rookworst! So we headed to Bij Ons, near the Rozengracht.

Perhaps it's due  to my lack of love for Dutch cuisine, perhaps we didn't order the best options on the menu (Freddie got stamppot with sauerkraut which can be pretty tiring after a few bites) but I would not go there again unless I had visitors who are keen on trying Dutch food.

The interior is simple but I find it lacks Dutch gezelligheid, the service was a bit all over the place and the place is really very small. Having said that, ratings on other sites are great and I would still recommend this to anyone who comes to visit, it just wouldn't be one of my 'regulars'.

Ambiance: **
Location: *****

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