Sunday, July 17, 2011

New city, new discoveries, new blog...

I love cities, I love the buzz the noise and the chaos. My favorite thing to do is to discover cafes and restaurants and of course, shops.  But for as much as I love the city buzz, my moment of utmost pride is when I find a hidden gem, in  a quiet spot, where you can drink a good coffee, or eat a great meal or shop for something special.

In March I moved to the beautiful Amsterdam, it wasn't our first encounter, growing up I certainly wasn't fond of her, much like the tourists who end up in the wrong spots. A lot has changed since then, Amsterdam and I get along just fine, I grew to discover that she has exactly what I love in a city; a huge variety of restaurants and cafes and all sorts of trendy shops spread around in different neighborhoods.

My plan is as follows, as I discover new places I'll share these with you, restaurants will be rated with a max of 5 stars. So that if you live in the Dam, this may be of help,  and if you plan to visit the city you can avoid the tourist traps and may just fall in love with her just like I did.

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