Monday, July 25, 2011

Serious about pizza

It's cliché but pizza is one of my favorite things of all and  even though my stomach can handle pretty much any pizza, from frozen to tacky wanna-be-Italian restaurant, I still spend a serious fraction of my time in a new city finding THE pizza place. 

So far I haven't tried enough places to say that Le 4 Stagioni is THE pizza place in Amsterdam, but it sure feels like a good runner up.  The location is great (Oud Zuid), far enough to not be a tourist location and yet very central, the place is a former butcher and kept its antique wall tiles, and when the sun is shining it's lovely to sit outside on the quiet residential square where you feel like a true local. And last but not least, the pizza is really good

My favorite time to go is on a sunny Sunday evening, it just feels like the perfect way to end a weekend. Just be aware that you cannot book a table unless you are 4 or more and the place is often busy!

I still have a couple of pizza places to discover before I can make my final verdict, but this sure is a good starting point.

*** (can vary a lot)
Ambiance: *****
Location: *****

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