Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you like a good steak...

then your choice in Amsterdam should be easy. Yes the city is infested with Argentinean steakhouses, and why that I still do not know... and yes they are mostly OK, but nothing beats the steak at Loetjes

It lacks the kitch ambiance of your average steakhouse, it's a very simple cosy looking Dutch cafe, and your options are easy: steak and you can add on a salad or fries or both, or you can share either of those. There are some more items on the menu, I once had the schnitzel there which was also worth the visit, but  at the end of the day, when you see all those juicy steaks being served at every table you just cannot find the courage to order anything else. Besides, you can smell the steaks from a few hundred meters away, so your body is already calling for one before you even enter. This is why I usually avoid biking too close to it on my way home in the evening...

Ambiance: *****
Location: ****

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